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Rigmarine active in the Aktau Local Community


Rigmarine recently sponsored a locally established group called The Togyzkumalak Federation which giving more young people the opportunity to play the Kazakh Traditional National Game, which is an intellectual game that helps develop many skills in the individuals who take part. The main Goal of the group is to motivate & encourage young people to make the game more popular for all age categories, creating the conditions for the proper use of leisure time for young people. As part of the Rigmarine sponsorship a  group   will   leave Aktau on the 28th June to participate in a tournament in Kostanai City, Neil Brodie (RMK Local Director) in Aktau was invited along to wish the group the best of luck & most of all to enjoy themselves & be proud of their own individual performances, win or lose. A further update on how the group get on in the competition will be posted at a later date.