Wire Rope Products

Rigmarine Premium Quality wire rope slings are all manufactured in our custom built state of the art rigging facilities.

Through a controlled manufacturing process all slings are produced strictly in accordance with BS EN 13414, however on request, other international standards can be adopted such as GOST and ASME.

In order to satisfy our clients need fully, 3 different types of end termination can be fitted to wire ropes ranging from 6mm to 76mm diameter.

Aluminium turn-back splice

Easily the most common method of wire rope eye termination. Common applications: Container slings, casing slings and general purpose slings.

The wire rope is passed through an aluminium ferrule and turned back on itself. The ferrule is then swaged onto the rope through high pressure; providing a safe, reliable, cost effective wore rope termination.




The Flemish Eye

Common applications: Mooring Pennants, Crane Pennants, Tow Bridles and Subsea operations

This is a fail safe termination favored for operating in more arduous conditions and marine environments.

The wire rope is spliced by un-laying one half of the strands from the other half and core. The two halves are then joined at the bearing point of the eye and laid back in the opposite direction. On completion a steel sleeve is fitted over the strand tails and swaged through high pressure.

Flemish eye diagram

Poured or Spelter Sockets

Common applications: Anchor wires, crane ropes, guy wires, winch wires and structural applications

The socket termination represents a highly reliable wire rope end fitting. It involves the pouring of resin compound into a conical socket which has been fitted onto a pre-opened and cleaned end of wire rope. On completion it provides a termination that is 100% efficient to the breaking strength of the wire rope. Another benefit of this fitting is that it can be easily fitted onboard vessels, rigs and at construction sites.




Cable Laid Slings and Grommets

Used widely in the offshore construction industry, Cable Laid Slings and Grommets provide a rugged and reliable lifting method. These type of slings are designed to perform under the most adverse bending and lifting conditions normally connected with heavy lifting.

Manfacturing to BS EN 13414, IMCA M179 or PM20, Cable Laid Slings and Grommets are formed by laying a single wire rope aroungs itself helically 6 times. Producing a larger rope composed of 6 outer wires and a core, the ends are then tucked into the center to show no visible join. The final result is an endless loop of wire which can have eyes formed at each end if required.