Mooring Services

Design - Supply - Installation - Maintenance - Rental

Through our integrated supply chain and alliance's with industry specialists, Rigmarine can provide full and comprehensive solutions for both of offshore and quayside moorings.

Rigmarine are able to offer our clients a fully comprehensive service for their marine requirements by undertaking mooring system designs, rental, planned mobilization, certification, deployment and recovery.

All supported by in country facilities and skilled personnel

Our scope includes:

  • Computer Aided Design of mooring systems and configurations
  • Supply/Rental of all marine hardware including: Anchors, Chain, Wire Rope, Buoyancy Swivels, Shackles and Links
  • Supply of deck fittings, recovery equipment and towing bridles
  • Rental of handling machinery such as spooling machines and winches
  • Quayside and offshore inspection of a complete range of mooring equipment including Primary Mooring Systems in accordance with API 2I
  • Anchor wire NDT. Removal's and Installation
  • Mobilization, Installation Quality Control and Demobilizations
  • reconditioning maintenance and recertification of in-service equipment
  • Equipment brokering and management of client owned equipment

Our rental packages provide our clients projects with premium quality mooring equipment without the demand for capital outlay. This in turn removes the liabilities of depreciation, storage and maintenance on project completion and in many cases allowing the project to run with budget.

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