Wire Rope NDT

Wire Rope NDT

Wire Rope NDT objectively detects and records rope condition, defining the ropes safety margin by accurately:

  • Measuring relative loss of metallic area (LMA) caused by wear
  • Detecting external and internal local faults (LF) like broken wires or pitting corrosion

Wire rope servicesRigmarine carries out Wire Rope NDT inspection using a team of experienced technicians equipped with the latest state of the art two-channel magnetic flaw detector for steel ropes currently available in todays market. Being light and very portable there operations can be carried out at our custom build inspection facility, your installation, rig site, or construction yard.

Our service is suitable for all running and static wire rope applications. Including: Crane ropes, Drill Lines, Anchor Lines, Manriding Winch Wires, Dive Bell Ropes and Bridge Cables - from 10mm to 76mm Diameter.


Periodic Wire Rope NDT minimizes:

  • Risk of using a rope that is under the required minimum rejection criteria for the standard you are operating to.
  • Expenditure of replacing a rope prematurely due to the internal condition being unknown.

Detailed reports of the ropes condition are generated by two methods:

  • Real-time with current LMA readings and detected LF indicating on a LED display and strip-chart recorder.
  • Memory loading mode with all data downloading to a computer for processing through custom software to provide an in-depth portfolio of your rope.