Workforce Development

Rigmarine Workforce Development Programs

Rigmarine Programs are uniquely profiled and comprehensive training systems which are aimed at passing on our extensive knowledge of lifting equipment and operations to personnel and the industry as a whole.

Workforce developmentThrough experience and research we have noted that many of the course available in today's market are presented by generic training companies who lack the in-depth experience and knowledge which a specialist company such as Rigmarine can offer.

The fact is - LIFTING IS OUR BUSINESS. We have succeeded in building our reputation for providing quality lifting equipment fully supported with professional staff and associated services.

All of our Development Programs are rigorously vetted by a team of experienced individuals before acceptance; this ensures that delegates participating in our courses gain maximum knowledge of the most relevant issues of every course. Our courses are always presented by qualified assessors with a background in the lifiting profession.

As with any training course, not all information received can be retained in memory, especially when you are dealing with the wide range of equipment and specifications involved in lifiting equipment and operations. With this in mind Rigmarine issues comprehensive course packs to all delegates which provides them with a full colour reference portfolio. We also supply Weatherproof Handbooks. There pocket sized handbooks provide valuable "on the job" technical guidance to each delegate throughout their career.

Workforce developmentAll of our programs meet the requirements of the highest internationally recognised industry standards and legal requirements. We are also committed to ensuring that whatever out global location we respect and comply with the domestic legislation, and where possible, form alliances with the relevant local authorities.

We are proud to have already achieved the position where we have gained MES approval on our training courses in Azerbaijan and have been authorised to issue endorsed Crane Operators Permits on ther behalf.

Not only do we offer the standard range of courses, we also develop specific programs that cover the many shortfalls that we have seen in the industry