Drilling Equipment and Tubular Services

Coupling inspection expertise with our extensive yard facility allows Rigmarine to offer a complete tubular & drilling equipment management service.

Tubular imageRigmarine's Tubular Services provide generous inspection facilities as well as fully developed and secure pipe storage areas.

Our custom built Roll On - Roll Off production systems allows the cleaning and inspection of over 150 joints of pipe at any one time.

Rigmarine can also conduct inspections at our clients sites and operations bases, our same high quality service is provided using portable NDT and cleaning equipment.

Within our environmentally friendly cleaning facilities a high pressure water jetting unit allows the tubular's to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out before our team od experienced technicians conduct the inspection to either API, DS1 or the customers own specification.

Tubular imageThe benefits of using our services and facilities include:

  • Cost reduction on secure yard storage areas
  • Cost reduction on material control systems and personnel
  • Improved efficiency when mobilized equipment to rig sites
  • Extended equipment life due to correct storage methods, especially on long term storage of tubulars
  • Constant monitoring and expert analysis on equipment condition allowing preventive action and increasing equipment operating life
  • Assurance that all slinging and handling in done to an industry acceptable standard
  • Transportation using trucks which are in good condition complete with the correct load securing equipment
  • Tracking system for all equipment movements, eliminating lost equipment